About Us

About Us - Ron Danel

Ron - Owner - Setting the standards for excellence in service and product.

Our company was founded in 1992. Ten years after inception, we expanded our services to include gravestone inscriptions for National Cemeteries. We have serviced 13 National Cemeteries, and to date have inscribed over 300,000 memorial headstones for our veterans. While providing this service, we noticed a real need to help families who were experiencing the over-inflated prices quoted by the local gravestone dealers. In 2008, we launched Affordable Markers in order to help with this need.

Since then, Affordable Markers has received heartfelt and rewarding feedback for our grave markers and service. Families can now afford to mark the resting places of loved ones that have been unmarked for years, even decades. With our guaranteed low price and lifetime warranty, Affordable Markers is your solution for top quality granite markers and excellent customer service.

Our Staff

Mike - VP/General Manager - purchasing
specialist, insuring our customers receive
the best possible pricing.

Hunter - Office/Sales Manager - Insuring
customers receive excellence
in customer service.

Hunter, Austin, Allycia, Christie and Denise. Insuring all customers receive the best
in customer service.

Amber and Austin - Processing orders for production.

Charles, Robert and Hunter

Jared - preparing Slants for production.

Robert and Ashley preparing markers for shipment

Jeff, Matt, Ashley and Kevin - preparing
Flats for production.

Charles, Robert and Hunter

Russ - preparing markers for inscription.

Robert and Ashley preparing markers for shipment

Russ, Adam and Jeff - Inscribing markers.

Charles, Robert and Hunter

Robert and Kevin -
Preparing markers for shipment

Robert and Ashley preparing markers for shipment

Jeff, Kevin and Ashley - preparing markers for shipment.

Our Facility

Our large facility allows us to carry the right marker for your needs.

Upright headstones
Slanted gravestones
Slanted gravestones
Beveled grave markers
Flat grave markers
Pet grave markers
Pet grave markersUrns